Mezannine Codec and Transport System for Video over IP
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Nextera Video is pleased to provide an FPGA core for the Sony Networked Media Interface (NMI). NMI is part of the Sony IP-Live Production System, the only complete ecosystem for end to end transmission of compressed or uncompressed video over IP using COTS IP switches.

The Sony IP-Live system consists of an ultra-high quality, Low Latency Video Codec (LLVC), individual packetization of Video, Audio, and Metadata, and a robust frame-aligned Forward Error Correction (FEC) system. The LLVC codec enables 4Kp60 transmission over 10G IP networks or 4Kp60 uncompressed over 25G IP networks. Sony has submitted the LLVC codec to SMPTE as RDD34.

IP-Live works seamlessly with the Sony-inspired SMPTE 2059 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) network synchronization system.

Sony completes the Ecosystem with the Sony Live System Manager (LSM), a robust control system managing the seamless switching of IP sources to any IP destination using commodity ethernet switches.

Features and Benefits

  • Essence-independent Packetization
    - Enables Video, Audio, and Metadata to be accessed independently

  • Clean Switching
    - Multi-cast of redundant packets in the stream to compensate for a clean switch

  • High Quality LLVC Codec
    - Enables transmission of 12G-4kp60 over 10G Ethernet

  • Frame-aligned Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    - Protect against bit errors while enabling vertical interval switching

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Available with or without the compression core, the IP-Live core can jump start your next Video over IP project. It is the only complete ecosystem for studio transmission using COTS switches, offering a High Quality LLVC codec, Essence-independent Packetization, Frame Aligned FEC with 2022-7 redundancy and Sony's Live System Manager.


  • NMI Compressed TX and RX core for Xilinx
    - 4K over 10G or HD over 1G IP Networks

  • NMI Uncompressed TX and RX core for Xilinx
    - 4K over 25G or HD over 10G IP Networks


  • PCIe Cards
  • Cameras
  • IP Gateways
  • Production Switchers