Update: Nextera now offers a ST 2110 FPGA Core solution, click here to learn more.

SMPTE 2110 (or ST 2110) is intended to be a complete ecosystem that will include all the necessary standards for Studio Video over IP. These standards allow for separate routing of video, audio, and ancillary streams over professional IP networks. With anticipation at an all time high, SMPTE has been hard at work to publish ST 2110 within the very near future. Manufacturers are rallying behind this standard to create products that will work seamlessly together in an IP based studio.

ST 2110 Ecosystem
  • 2110-10: System Timing and Definition
  • 2110-20: Uncompressed Active Video
  • 2110-21: Timing Model for Uncompressed Active Video
  • 2110-22: Compressed Video Formats *(Tentative)
  • 2110-30: PCM Digital Audio
  • 2110-31: AES3 Audio Formats
  • 2110-40: Ancillary Data
  • 2110-50: Interoperation of ST 2022-6 streams
Interoperability and Standards

Organizations such as SMPTE, AIMS, VSF, EBU, AMWA, etc., have been hard at work to streamline the transition to Video over IP. Significant progress has been made in the past year to ensure that the proposed 2110 standard ecosystem will meet the needs of all stakeholders. Nextera will have solutions available as soon as the standards are ratified.

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