TICO (TIny COdec) is a light weight compression FPGA core, developed by intoPIX, capable of compressing video for transport of 4Kp60 over a 10G network.

Benefits of TICO for Video over IP
  • Visually lossless up to 4:1
  • Very low latency, fixed and pixel lines-based latency
  • Requires no external DDR memory, uses little internal memory
  • Small FPGA foot print
  • Resolutions from HDTV to UHDTV 4K
Applications of TICO
  • Ideal for upgrading HD workflows to 4K
  • Video over IP Gateway
Interoperability and Standards

intoPIX has submitted TICO as an open specification to SMPTE as RDD35 to ease interoperability. IntoPix has also formed the TICO Alliance, a coalition of companies using TICO compression.

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