Jed Deame, Chief Executive Officer

Jed brings executive leadership and strategic direction to the company. Before joining Nextera, Jed served as VP & General Manager of Barco, a $1B Belgian display company. Jed led the California Image Processing site of over 200 employees. Prior to Barco, Jed was Co-founder of Teranex/Silicon Optix, a video processing company serving the television broadcast and consumer display markets. Jed developed the concept for the Emmy Award winning Video Computer, changing the paradigm for video processing equipment forever, replacing dedicated hardware with a real-time software based solution. Jed also led the development of the Hollywood Quality Video “HQV” de-interlacing and scaling algorithm suite which set a new standard of quality for the industry. Jed received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Steven Kaufmann, President

Steve brings extensive technical leadership and engineering direction to the company. Steve manages customer expectations, drives the development team, and ensures that the team meets its commitments. Steve has extensive experience with all aspects of development engineering including systems architecture, FPGA development, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing excellence. Prior to Coherent, Steve served as Deputy General Manager and Director of Operations for Silicon Optix where he lead the purchasing, planning, logistics and manufacturing team in the production of high reliability electronics for the television broadcast industry. Steve earned his MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.

Liviu Voicu, PhD, Chief Scientist

Liviu is a PhD in Electrical Engineering with extensive expertise in embedded digital signal processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Prior to Nextera, Liviu has served as Chief Scientist for an automatic license plate recognition firm. Liviu also has experience in detection algorithms for explosive trace and improvised explosive devices, see-through-the-wall applications, and medical signal processing algorithms. Liviu was part of the Teranex team that developed the Emmy Award winning Video Computer platform. Liviu has authored numerous video processing algorithms including compression noise reduction, image regularization, adaptive contrast enhancement, and motion compensated film grain removal. Liviu’s expertise also covers high performance architectures such as FPGAs, GPUs, SIMD, and the Cell Broadband Engine. Liviu has authored and coauthored patents, peer-reviewed scientific journal publications, conference publications, and book chapters.