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NMOS Software Core

Nextera’s NMOS Software Core enables SMPTE ST 2110 based products to interoperate on a multi-vendor IP network and brings plug and play and push-button simplicity to AV over IP routing. Developed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and specified by the Joint Taskforce on Networked Media (JT-NM), the goal of NMOS is to provide a means for straightforward interoperability between products from a wide range of manufacturers, enabling end users and service providers to build systems using best-of-breed components from multiple manufacturers.

Recognized for their crucial contribution to interoperability, the NMOS specifications are mandated by the European Broadcasters Union (EBU) as part of their “Minimum User Requirements to build and manage an IP-based Media Facility.” NMOS is also mandated by the Joint Taskforce on Networked Media in JT-NM Technical Recommendation TR-1001-1:2018

*A full reference/demo design project is provided along with all of the drivers, daemons, system control software, and a Web GUI so customers can start with a working system and customize to their needs.

Nextera NMOS Suite

IS-04, Discovery and Registration

Enables ST 2110 devices to be discovered and registered on the network and publishing their abilities.

• MDNS Discovery of Registration and Discovery Server (RDS)
Automatic registration of nodes, ports, and flows

IS-05, Connection Management

Enables ST 2110 devices to be configured and switched in a standard way by any broadcast controller.

Simple API – HTTP Based
Immediate, Relative, or Absolute Timed Switching
SDP file generation and management enables real-time receiver configuration


  • Delivered as standalone Linux daemon
  • Compatible with AMD, Intel, and 3rd Party CPU’s
  • Optional full integration with Adeas ST 2110 Core
  • Validated at multiple industry Interops, earned all “JT-NM Tested” badges (www.jt-nm.org)

IS-04 and IS-05 System Diagram

IS-07, Event & Tally

IS-07 provides the IP equivalent of GPIO events.  It provides a mechanism for carrying time-sensitive information over IP, such as camera tally information, control panel button presses and status, and audio levels. IS-07 sends lightweight messages using WebSocket or MQTT, and message flows are connected using IS-05.

IS-08, Audio Channel Mapping

IS-08 introduces Audio Channel Mapping, a key feature enabling audio channels to be re-mapped at the transmitter or receiver. The IS-08 API interacts seamlessly with the IS-04 Registry and IS-05 Connection Management API, allowing the routing of multiple diverse audio streams to any receiver.

IS-08 Audio Channel Mapping is crucial for all ST2110 IP video applications where audio streams need to be combined independently of their associated video streams, a common requirement for broadcast and production studios. This capability was present in SDI-based routing systems, and IS-08 enables the same capability in IP.

IS-09, System Parameters

IS-09 allows an NMOS Node to obtain global configuration parameters used across the entire SMPTE ST 2110 system. The global configuration parameters are stored in a DNS server on the system, discoverable on powerup by DNS-SD. IS-09 enables the media node to start or re-start in a way that is consistent with the environment it is running in.

IS-11, Stream Compatibility Management

IS-11 reports supported AV formats to controller to ensure compatibility. IS-11 allows the configuration of media parameters of Senders and Inputs using information coming from Receivers and Outputs.

IS-13, Annotation and Labelling

IS-13 facilitates easy identification of nodes and devices. IS-13 allows control and monitoring applications to update resource labels, descriptions and tags.

BCP-003-01, Secure NMOS

Encrypts NMOS communications using HTTPS and TLS ensuring only authenticated users have access.

JT-NM Tested

Nextera Video JT-NM Tested
JT-NM Tested

Our Video over IP cores conform to key parts of SMPTE standards with proven interoperability

Nextera Video JT-NM Tested SMPTE ST 2110 2020-1
Nextera Video JT-NM Tested SMPTE ST 2110 2020-2
Nextera Video JT-NM Tested SMPTE ST 2110
Nextera Video JT-NM Tested NMOS TR-1001-1
Nextera Video JT-NM Tested SMPTE ST 2110


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