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Adeas and Nextera collaborate on SMPTE 2110 + 2059 Complete Solution

October 31, 2017 – El Dorado Hills, CA and Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Nextera Video, Inc. and Adeas B.V. are pleased to announce they have partnered up to provide a complete SMPTE 2110 solution including SMPTE 2059 PTP and NMOS Control Software. “With all the excitement surrounding the broadcast industry transition to ST2110, this solution is a real game-changer,” said Jed Deame, CEO of Nextera. “Our modular but integrated solution enables broadcast equipment manufacturers to jump on the ST2110 wagon, take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and experience and accelerate their time to market,” said Antoine Wijlaars, MD of Adeas.

Adeas is well known for their ST2059 FPGA core, originally developed for Xilinx, which provides broadcast and professional AV equipment manufacturers the ability to support deterministic timing signals for network genlock of video and audio systems to a SMPTE 2059 grandmaster. The Adeas core uses IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to provide time-aligned signal generation, allowing interoperability with IP-based media equipment and conventional genlock SDI equipment.

The ST2110 core supports the recently ratified SMPTE standards, including 2110-10, -20, -21, -30, and -40. AMWA NMOS Control Software ensures interoperability with various control systems.

Nextera and Adeas have positioned this solution to provide the latest video processing IP cores and OEM Video over IP solutions, with the ability to provide worldwide customer support across all time zones.

About Nextera Video:
Nextera Video is a video processing firm whose mission is to develop solutions required to enable video over IP and hardware virtualization as part of the future software defined data center for broadcast.

About Adeas:
Adeas is an independent design house developing customer-specific electronic products and (embedded) systems serving our worldwide customer base. We develop and integrate IP, modules, boards and systems to specification for customers in the broadcast and pro AV industry and specialize in FPGA and SoC-based solutions.