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Nextera Video’s New NMI FPGA Core Enables Studio Video Over IP Today

September 6, 2016 – El Dorado Hills, CA – Nextera Video is now shipping their new Video over IP NMI FPGA Encoder core, developed in full compliance with Sony’s specifications for the IP Live Production System. Networked Media Interface (NMI) is a key part of the Sony IP Live System, the only complete ecosystem for end to end transmission of compressed or uncompressed Video over IP using COTS IP switches.

Nextera’s NMI FPGA core implements all 3 technologies defining the IP Live System and disclosed via SMPTE RDD. SMPTE RDD34 covers the ultra-high quality, Low Latency Video Codec (LLVC), which enables visually lossless transmission of 4K60p over 10G IP networks and HD over 1G IP networks. SMPTE RDD40 covers the bulk of the NMI system which includes individual packetization of Video, Audio, and Metadata, and a robust frame-aligned Forward Error Correction (FEC) system. SMPTE RDD38 covers the Network Device Control Protocol (NDCP) which provides automatic registration, discovery, and clean switching.

Sony’s IP Live technology has already been adopted and proven by multiple customers. Most notably, TV Globo Brazil built and deployed the world’s first 4K IP OB truck. With Sony’s IP-Live Production System at the core, and outfitted with multiple Sony IP cameras and an NMI production switcher, it is a highly flexible mobile sports production facility.

Developed for easy integration into FPGAs for Video over IP applications, Nextera’s NMI core allows manufacturers to sell into a mature and proven ecosystem today. Nextera provides a family of I/O compatible Video over IP cores for easy migration to SMPTE/AIMS standards once released.

About Nextera Video:
Nextera Video is a video processing firm who’s missions is to solve the problems required to enable video over IP and hardware virtualization as part of the future software defined data center for broadcast.