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Nextera Video Announces NMOS IS-08 as the Latest Addition to their Industry-Leading 2110 Video Over IP FPGA Core Set

March 26, 2019 – El Dorado Hills, CA – Nextera Video and Adeas are proud to announce that their industry-leading ST2110 Video Over IP FPGA cores now support NMOS IS-08 Audio Channel Mapping. Nextera/Adeas’ IP core set is the only turnkey ST2110 solution on the market that offers all of the components required for professional media transport over IP. In addition to providing a fast time to market and a small FPGA footprint, the Nextera/Adeas solution is fully modular, which allows customers to choose any combination of cores providing a solution specifically tailored to their needs.

IS-08 was developed by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) as part of its Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) initiative. This work supports the development and interoperability of new IP-based professional media solutions. The NMOS specifications are recommended by the European Broadcasters Union (EBU) as part of their “Minimum User Requirements to build and manage an IP-based Media Facility.”

As the latest development in the NMOS ecosystem, IS-08 introduces Audio Channel Mapping, a key feature enabling audio channels to be re-mapped at the transmitter or receiver. The IS-08 API interacts seamlessly with the IS-04 Registry and IS-05 Connection Management API, allowing the routing of multiple diverse audio streams to any receiver.

IS-08 Audio Channel Mapping is crucial for all ST2110 IP video applications where audio streams need to be combined independently of their associated video streams, a common requirement for broadcast and production studios. This capability was present in SDI-based routing systems, and IS-08 enables the same capability in IP.

Nextera/Adeas’ 2110 IP core set has been validated at multiple industry interop events. The Nextera/Adeas solution will be demonstrated at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas at the Nextera booth SL10230, and for the second year in a row at the NAB IP Showcase (C12634), where the new IS-08 feature will debut in the Future Zone.


About Adeas:
Adeas is an independent design house developing electronics and (embedded) systems serving a worldwide customer base. We develop and integrate IP-cores, modules, boards and systems for customers in the broadcast and pro AV industry and specialize in FPGA and SoC-based solutions. More info at: www.adeas.nl

About Nextera:
Nextera Video is a video processing firm whose missions is to solve the problems required to enable video over IP and hardware virtualization as part of the future software-defined data center for broadcast. Nextera has teamed with Adeas to deliver comprehensive solutions for Video over IP enabling A/V equipment manufacturers to seamlessly transition to IP. For more information on Nextera’s extensive broadcast product offerings please check: www.nexteravideo.com

More Information About AMWA NMOS: